Create your own star map with Strellas

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For many centuries now, the stars and planets have been in repeating patterns with their movement. Due to technology advancement, we are able to replay and predict the change of the stars with high precision from any location and time. Our personalized star maps are made with the highest possible attention to scientific accuracy in mind. We make use of the best Bright Star Catalog created by NASA as our source of astronomical data in star map creator.

Create your own star map. It only takes a few minutes.

Our star map creator also allows you to personally create a unique piece of art of anywhere you’ve always wanted in the world. Creating and designing your own Strellas custom star maps will only take a few minutes to personalize and order (and it can be shipped to anywhere in the world). Our Strellas custom star maps can be ordered for either as a digital map or printed poster, making it the perfect gift for wedding and birthday gifts.

Create your own star map with custom text

No matter which version you choose, digital or printed, you can customize your star map in 3 easy steps.

Choose location, date and time of your special moment

Tell us the location, date, and time of the event that you’d like to see on your custom star map. You can create your sky map for any date between 1900 and 2099 and any location on the planet. In this step, you can also pick a color version.

Fill star map details

To recreate the exact stars’ movement, we need the following information from you:

Location – please tell us the city in which the event took or will take place. If your location is not showing up in search results, please choose the nearest bigger city – this will help us align your star map correctly. And don’t worry – because both places are so close to each other – the stars will be exactly the same and you can also change the location description in the second step.

Date of the event –this can be any date; past, present, or future. As long as it’s between the year 1900 and 2099.

Time of the event –this is optional, but the more precise time, the more precise your custom star map will be. And we think this is especially special when you are recreating the sky map of the exact moment your baby/babies were born!

As soon as you input all those details, your star map preview will update and will be showing your sky map! You can then hover over the star map preview to see constellations, stars, and planets’ alignment in detail.

hover over the star map preview to see constellations, stars, and planets' alignment in detail.

Add your personalized message to star map creator

Now, it’s time to personalize your star map in even greater detail.

star map elements

In the second step, you can add your personalized title and subtitle and also edit out the description for coordinates and date. If you’d like to move any of the text to the new paragraph, simply hit the ‘enter’ key.

You can also choose what celestial objects you would like to see on your star map. By default, we are showing constellation lines, constellation names, planet names, and ecliptic. You can choose to have them all visible or switch them off. Check the preview to make sure that your custom sky map is looking exactly like you want.

Choose the star map size

We offer four printed sizes: two standard U.S. sizes (18×24 in and 24×36 in), and two European sizes (50×70 cm and 70×100 cm).

Choose your poster size and add your star map to cart! You are now ready to create another star map poster for your order or move to the checkout.

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