Star map – the most romantic Valentines Day Gift

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and finding the perfect gift for your partner can be hard! Flowers and chocolate are so overdone that they have lost their romantic appeal, and going to a department store to hunt for the perfect gift just takes too much time, and even still, your partner may not think it very romantic. T-shirts are nice, but they don’t scream romance. Something more romantic is available, and it is a personalized star map from Strellas! What’s more romantic than giving your partner a star map that says, “The Stars When We Met”? Absolutely nothing! Last Minute Valentine's Gift Star Map

Unique Valentines Day Gift Idea? Personalized Star Map

Personalized Valentine’s Day gifts are all the rage nowadays because personalized gifts seem to have more love and meaning attached to them. Our personalized star maps allow you to select any date and time at any location, making them the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Do you want your partner to remember what the stars looked like the day you met? How about the first night you kissed? Or maybe you want them to remember when you officially started dating, or the day you got married. Our star maps will help them remember any memory you want, and will be a beautiful reminder every time they see it. You can put our posters into a picture frame, or just hang them directly on a wall. The opportunities are endless!

Personalized star maps perfect for Valentines gift

Stars When We Met Poster

When you create a “Stars When We Met” poster, you can customize the label, making it totally personal. You can put a quote, the date, or even a simple, “I Love You”. Just choose the date, time, and location. Then, you can write in your label, such as “Stars When We Met”, and then pick the size of your poster. We offer both a print version in one of 4 sizes, European and American, and the digital version in all 4 sizes, so that you can download and print it yourself. The digital version is $29.00, and the sizes are 50×70 cm, 70×100 cm, 18×24 in, and 24×36 in. The printed versions will cost you either $55.00 or $65.00, depending on the size you choose. Stars When We Met Custom Star Poster

Create a Future Star Map

Our star maps can allow you to pick a future date, as well as a past date. Gentleman, if you plan to propose to your partner on Valentine’s Day, the best gift would be a star map that says, “The Day I Proposed”, which your partner would open, segueing into the perfect proposal. Or, if you are already engaged, put the wedding date into our star map creator, and you’ll have the perfect gift for your partner that is guaranteed to make them happy. They may even cry at the beauty our star maps hold.

Our star maps also have options like showing the names of planets, the ecliptic line, constellations and the constellation names. These options can help you tell your story to others. Wouldn’t it be cool to tell someone, “We got engaged under Orion’s Belt” or “We’re getting married beneath Jupiter”? We sure think so!

Cute Valentine’s Messages for Him

Ladies, if you aren’t sure what to say to your man on Valentine’s Day, we have some suggestions to go along with our star maps. Here’s a few things you could say that would be super cute:

“You are My Sun ☼My Moon ☾& All My Stars ⭐”
“♡Forever written in the stars ♡”
“When the stars align ♥♡”
You can find more messages like these under the “Inspirations” tab on our website.

Strellas Star Map You are My Sun ☼ My Moon ☾ & All My Stars


Last Minute Valentine’s Gift

It is always better to be prepared and buy your partner a gift ahead of time, but sometimes life gets in our way and we end up scrambling to get a gift at the last minute. One of the greatest aspects of our star maps is the fact that we offer a digital download version. This works out perfectly in the event that you need to get a gift at the very last minute, as you can easily purchase, download, and print the star map you design. Much more convenient than buying the star map and waiting for it to get shipped to you, and still more romantic than buying what’s left of the flowers at the grocery store. Your partner won’t care that you printed it at home because the sentiment will be obvious.






You Can Create Star Maps for Loved Ones

Our star maps aren’t exclusive to your partner in life. You can get star maps personalized for any occasion and give them to someone on Valentine’s Day. Want your parents to know what the stars looked like on their wedding day? Give them a star map! Want your sister to see what constellation was above her the day she graduated? Make her a star map! Want Grandma to see which planet was visible the day Grandpa passed away? Our star maps can show it! Valentine’s Day is a day of love, and our star maps will help you show your loved ones just how much you love them. Remembering special occasions is one of the easiest ways to prove you love someone, and immortalizing that occasion with a star map adds beauty to it.

Star Map Valentines Gift Last a Lifetime

The stars on a specific day will always stay that way, so our star maps will last a lifetime. Even if the poster gets ruined, you have the security of knowing you can get another one printed. Buying the digital version may be the best option because you’ll never have to purchase it again!

Don’t waste your time going to the store to get the perfect gift; the perfect gift is a personalized star map. Go to our “Create a Map” tab now and get the perfect gift for the perfect person in your life. You won’t regret it! For other custom gifts ideas like moon phases poster, custom map art or birth poster, please visit Positive Prints