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How to check what I have ordered?

Once we’ve received your order we will send you a confirmation email with your star map preview. (If you haven’t received it please check your spam folder).

If you discover a spelling mistake or you want to edit your star map title/subtitle please contact us immediately at [email protected] Any editing needs to be done within 4 hours of placing your order. After that time the order will be in the print so it will be too late to edit.

How to add ★✩ ♥♡♫ symbol to your custom sky map?

To make your sky map extra special please copy and paste one of the below symbols:

★✩ ♥♡♫

Available sizes?

We have 4 sizes available: 50x70cm, 70x100cm, 16x24in and 24x36in

Those are standard European and American print sizes.

How is the star map created?

We use NASA Astronomical Data Center star catalogue that contains informations about planets, nearly 100 million stars, 10000 deep-sky objects, comets and asteroids. This data comes from past and present NASA planetary missions, astronomical observations, and laboratory measurements. Together with precise algorithms, latitude, longitude and the time provided by you we accurately recreate the sky view.

What date range do you support?

You can pick any date between 1900 and 2100.

Why do you need time of the event?

Time highly affects what constellations are visible and we want your map to be as precise as it can be. However if you don’t know/remember the time just pick any hour that you’d like.

Is the frame included?

No. Poster will arrive unframed.

Digital custom star map?

When digital star maps are perfect solution?

if you need a last minute gift
if you want your print to be smaller than 50x70cm, 70x100cm, 16x24in or 24x36in
if you would like to print out your star map on canvas, wood or maybe a tshirt…
if you want to check the quality before ordering more star maps 😉

If you opt out for the digital star map as soon as your order is completed we will send you a download link to 4 png files. All files are 300dpi, providing perfect printing quality. We recommend printing your star map on matt paper with a weight of 180. Such paper is available in every professional print house.

If you haven’t received star map download link within an hour please check your spam folder.

Please note that star map files are for private use only. If you are planning to print more than five copies, please contact us for a quote.


How long does take to recieve my order?

Your star map poster is printed, packaged and sent within 3-4 working days.

Strellas has printing services in both the United States (Charlotte, NC & Los Angeles, CA) and the European Union to ensure timely delivery to all customers.

The time of delivery depends on the destination and courier service in each country.

Here are our shipping estimates:

US: 3 – 7 Business Days
Europe: 5 – 7 Business Days
Worldwide: 10 – 21 Business Days

Once your star map is shipped you will receive a notification email with a tracking link, so you will be able to track your package.

Do you offer express shipping?

No. We find it too stressful for both parties – for you anxiously waiting for your delivery and for us to make sure that it gets to you on time. So if you are in a rush please order a digital star map.

Where do you ship?

We ship worldwide.

Strellas has printing services in both the United States (Charlotte, NC & Los Angeles, CA) and the European Union to ensure timely delivery to all customers.

Whenever possible, we use priority shipping with tracking.

And good news – our shipping is free!


What payment methods do you support?

You can pay with card (debit or credit) or use PayPal.

What’s the cost of the custom star chart poster?

Cost depends on the format of your star map:

$29 digital download star chart. As soon as the payment clears you will receive 4 png files with your star map posters (50x70cm, 70x100cm, 16x24in or 24x36in).
$55 high quality printed star map poster size 16x24in or 50x70cm. Worldwide shipping is included in the price!
$65 high quality printed star map poster size 24x36in or 70x100cm. Worldwide shipping is included in the price!

Did not find what you were looking for? Please email us at [email protected]

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