5 Reasons a Heart Star Map is the Best Gift

We are so excited to launch the new heart star map, just in time for Valentine’s day and right before the wedding season. That’s right, your very own personalized heart-shaped night sky! This map is an extra special way to commemorate a unique moment with a friend, family member, spouse/partner, or maybe to treat yourself.

Personalized Heart Shaped Night Sky Star Map

Star maps are a unique and exciting gift that people love to give and receive. There are so many ways to customize star maps and make something exceptional. It may seem simple at first glance, but let’s break down exactly what makes them so unique.

What Makes Heart Star Maps So Interesting?

A star map captures a particular moment in time for an individual, couple, or many people. Looking into the sky at a specific moment is simple yet powerful. It represents the wonders of the world, mysteries of the universe, and the spirit and energy of an experience. Heart star maps allow you to revisit that time in a beautiful, elegant, and unique way.

Taking Star Maps to the Next Level

The visual of the map on its own is intriguing and distinctive, but why stop there? There are so many ways you can personalize your star map to make it the best gift ever. Here are five of our favorites:

  1. Meaningful Words: You know that thing that you and your BFF always text each other? How about the first words you whispered to your perfect baby the first time you held them? Or that line from the Notebook that always makes your significant other weak in the knees? Use words to bring you and the gift recipient back to that moment in time.
  2. Multiple Maps: Instead of choosing just one special day, why not select multiple? Be transported back in time to the moment you met your special someone, the moment you got engaged, and the moment you got married. Or, commemorate the birth dates of children or family members.
  3. DIY Star Maps: Downloading a digital copy of a star map allows you to get it printed on just about anything. Transport back to a particular time each morning with a cup of coffee or snuggle up under the stars with a star map blanket; it’s is a fun way to bring that moment with you everywhere you go.
  4. Hand-Written Notes: Before putting your map behind glass, how about adding a special note right on the map itself? Star maps can be used as a guestbook for an event for everyone to sign, or a personal message from you to the recipient that reflects what is in your heart at that moment.
  5. Presentation Matters: Sometimes, the way that you present a gift can make all of the difference. Of course, you can wrap the artwork in beautiful wrapping paper or even make your own with a meaningful newspaper or drawings on plain kraft paper. You could also hang it on the wall for your special person and wait until they notice. Get creative and make it fun!

There are so many more ways to personalize your heart-shaped star map. Please take a photo of your map and tag us on Instagram #hellostrellas !

Custom Heart Star Map - The Perfect Gift for the Newlyweds

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