5 Reasons a Heart Star Map is the Best Gift

We are so excited to launch the new heart star map, just in time for Valentine’s day and right before the wedding season. That’s right, your very own personalized heart-shaped night sky! This map is an extra special way to commemorate a unique moment with a friend, family member, spouse/partner, or maybe to treat yourself. […]

Are Strellas Custom Star Maps Accurate?

Are Strellas Custom Star Maps Accurate? Personalized star map prints have increased in popularity and for a while now, we’ve had to attend to questions about star maps. A lot of our followers are desperate to know about the accuracy of our star maps. Hence they often send us emails with questions like “Hey, I […]

The most romantic Valentines Day Gift

The most romantic Valentines Day Gift.   Valentine’s Day is coming up, and finding the perfect gift for your partner can be hard! Flowers and chocolate are so overdone that they have lost their romantic appeal, and going to a department store to hunt for the perfect gift just takes too much time, and even […]

Carte étoile personnalisée à télécharger immédiatement

Carte étoile personnalisée à télécharger immédiatement   Que vous recherchiez un cadeau de dernière minute ou que vous souhaitiez imprimer votre affiche personnalisée sur une toile, du bois ou… peut-être même sur un t-shirt – la carte numérique à télécharger en format numérique est un choix parfait! Si vous désactivez la version numérique, vous recevrez […]

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How to personalize your star map poster

For many centuries now, the stars and planets have been in repeating patterns with their movement. Due to technology advancement, we are able to replay and predict the change of the stars with high precision from any location and time. Our personalized star maps are made with the highest possible attention to scientific accuracy in […]