هل خرائط النجوم دقيقة؟

بالنسبة للبعض، يكون المظهر هام، حيث تلفت إنتباههم الألوان والتأثيرات البصريه. يتعمق الآخرون. ويتساءلون عما إذا كانت خرائط النجوم دقيقة. يتساءلون عن مدى دقتها؟ ومن أين يمكن الحصول على البيانات؟ هل خرائط النجوم هي خرائط دقيقة؟ ماذا عن خرائط نجوم Strellas؟ زادت شعبية مطبوعات خرائط النجوم المخصصة، وقد كان علينا الرد على أسئلة كثيرة تتعلق […]

Are Star Maps Accurate?

For some, appearance matters. They pay attention to the color, the visual effect. Others go deeper. They wonder if the star maps are accurate. How accurate? And where do they get their data from? Are star maps accurate? How about Strellas star maps? Personalized star map prints have increased in popularity and for a while […]

5 Reasons a Heart Star Map is the Best Gift

We are so excited to launch the new heart star map, just in time for Valentine’s day and right before the wedding season. That’s right, your very own personalized heart-shaped night sky! This map is an extra special way to commemorate a unique moment with a friend, family member, spouse/partner, or maybe to treat yourself. […]

Digital star map for immediate download

  Whether you are looking for a last minute gift or you want to have your custom star poster printed on canvas, wood, or… maybe even a T-shirt – digital download star map is a perfect choice! Digital star map file size If you opt out for the digital star map version, you will receive […]

Girls room poster. Nursery poster. Scandinavian design. Scandinavian nursery decor.

Create your own star map with Strellas

For many centuries now, the stars and planets have been in repeating patterns with their movement. Due to technology advancement, we are able to replay and predict the change of the stars with high precision from any location and time. Our personalized star maps are made with the highest possible attention to scientific accuracy in […]

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