Birthday Star Chart – Special Gift Idea

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You can never go wrong by choosing a birthday star chart for a gift. It is one of the last minute gift ideas that you can hurriedly buy and be certain the recipient will love and value it.

Recreate the sky from a specific day

Star maps are a representation of the formation of stars in the sky on any particular night. This means you can present a birthday star chart showing a vivid representation of how the stars were aligned up in the skies the day a new baby was born or on a loved one’s birthday.

Birthday star charts are printed as digital files created by intelligent algorithms which cover the entire planet. The data is sourced from the records of NASA from past and recent missions all around the planet. You can recreate star maps from a date as far back as the 1900s or the present day.

Birthday star chart as a perfect gift

It makes the perfect birthday gift for different occasions. Such as the arrival of a new baby, birthdays of loved ones or close friends. You can give a star chart to people who are interested in astrology and zodiac signs, as well.

They are unique custom maps with outstanding aesthetic features which makes them perfect for birthday gifts. Unlike pictures that are drawn from an artist’s imagination, the star map shows real images of the stars which are reported to be nearly one hundred million in number.

This is what you will get from the star maps website:

• Personalized star/sky charts
• High-quality digital files for self-printing
• Instant digital downloads

Science behind birthday star chart

Allow me to discuss how this outstanding birthday gift was created briefly. The digital printed copy of a star map is a vivid representation that shows the alignment of stars on a particular night. For as long as we know, the stars have been a source of wonder and so much intrigue. On a clear black night, you may be able to catch a spectacular performance up there in the skies.

The stars are always aligned in a spectacular display pattern that is beautiful. Astrologers and other scientists who watch the stars noticed the patterns that have become the star map. With the use of special scientific equipment as well as the right measurements (longitude and latitude) it is possible to capture the formation of stars in a picture. When edited and resized to a smaller form, in a spherical or rectangular shape, we see what is called the sky charts or star map. It is always beautiful.

Personalized birthday star chart

On special birthdays, it will be so nice to have star map of the stars and their formations up there in the skies. This sky chart will mean even more if you have been growing interest in stars because they have an impact on our lives, going by the zodiac signs which many people believe.

birthday star chart

Also, it can be personalized for use as a birthday sky chart. The option to personalize birthday sky charts is amazing and makes it special. Anyone can obtain the star map for any particular day and make a printed copy of the digital file. However, you can make your star map stand out from the rest by personalizing it any way you want.

Easy-to-use star map creator

Personalizing the star map is easy. First, to download your high-quality files for self-printing, some basic information will be needed. You will be required to enter the birthday date of the recipient, and location. To get a personalized star map, you can add more information such as special messages, quotes, and select a beautiful color theme.

Choosing a color theme will add a new twist to the star map. However, you can choose a color that matched the dark and lined features of the star map to create a beautiful look when the printing job is done. The printed sky map will show the exact alignment of the stars based on the information you entered.

newborn nursery art stars and night star chart

Put some additional description

It appears in a simple yet appealing format. Your star map occupied the major part of the page. You can view the additional descriptions such as your name, special notes, location, and date neatly written below the star map image. If you are giving the star map to new parents as a present to the newborn, you can also include information such as the child’s name, date of birth, weight and other information that makes that star map the child’s property.

Our lives are affected by the stars. There is strong evidence that our origins come from stardust. The zodiac signs have been known to have a significant impact on our lives, work, and relationships. Having a star map offers a clear illustration of how the stars were aligned on special birthdays of your friends and family.

Birthday star chart for childbirth

New parents can also treasure the special moment their baby was born by creating baby poster. This is a personalized star map that shows the exact alignment of the stars on the baby’s day of birth. Make it look even better by adding information such as the baby’s name, weight at birth, location, and time of birth. When printed, and framed, the star map will look elegant on the walls in your baby’s bedroom.

Instant download, last-minute star map gift

Now, there is no need to worry if you forgot to set a reminder on your phone to get a birthday gift. Take advantage of this special last minute gift idea. You can order the star map for any day you want, and it sent as a high-quality digital file that you can print on any material of your choice.

You can also choose different types of frames to hold your star map. Frames made from wood, aluminium, and other materials are among the top options to choose from. The versatility and printing options make star maps an excellent choice of décor in all homes. The digital files for star maps can also be printed in different sizes. This means they can be set up on the walls in any part of your home without any restrictions due to space.

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